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02/14/2020 / By Tracey Watson

There was a time when walking around with deodorant-free – and even unwashed – armpits was quite normal. In fact,

[addtoany url="http://2020-02-14-young-consumers-in-america-shun-commercial-antiperspirants.html" title="Nearly 40 percent of young consumers in America SHUN commercial antiperspirants in favor of “natural” deodorants"]

07/15/2019 / By Paul Waters

People are exposed to triclosan almost every day: It’s found in hand sanitizers, mouthwash, toothpaste, and other cosmetic products. While it’s

[addtoany url="http://2019-07-15-triclosan-antibacterial-makes-germs-stronger.html" title="How triclosan, touted as an antibacterial, actually makes germs stronger and more dangerous"]

03/24/2019 / By Ethan Huff

She’s being touted as the world’s youngest “self-made” billionaire, thanks to the wild success of her Kylie Cosmetics makeup products.

[addtoany url="http://2019-03-24-kylie-jenner-became-a-billionaire-by-poisoning-youth-with-toxic-lipstick-ingredients-critics.html" title="Kylie Jenner became a billionaire by poisoning youth with toxic lipstick ingredients, say critics"]

03/15/2019 / By Ethan Huff

One of the alleged “perks” of using Kylie Jenner’s “Kylie Cosmetics” line of makeup products is that they’re supposedly a

[addtoany url="http://2019-03-15-kylie-cosmetics-made-with-highly-toxic-chemicals.html" title="Kylie Cosmetics products are made with oxybenzone, a chemical with high reproductive toxicity and immunotoxicity… clueless youth think it makes them look beautiful"]

03/12/2019 / By Ethan Huff

The mainstream news is awash with stories of flattery and praise for Kylie Kardashian Jenner, the youngest daughter of former

[addtoany url="http://2019-03-12-kylie-cosmetics-products-are-a-stew-of-toxic-ingredients-claim.html" title="CLAIM: Kylie Cosmetics products are a stew of toxic ingredients including artificial colors and synthetic chemicals"]

04/25/2018 / By Jessica Dolores

Our hair is the crown we never take off. It tells a lot about us — our health, hygienic practices,

[addtoany url="http://2018-04-25-are-you-losing-your-hair-common-chemicals-could-be-to-blame-try-natural-ingredients-instead.html" title="Are you losing your hair? Common chemicals could be to blame; try natural ingredients instead"]

04/15/2018 / By Michelle Simmons

Scientists found a new way to make safer hair dyes using graphene. The study, published in the journal Chem, suggested

[addtoany url="http://2018-04-15-new-safer-hair-dyes-to-be-made-from-graphene.html" title="New, safer hair dyes to be made from graphene"]

03/03/2018 / By Michelle Simmons

The healing effects of a massage could be compromised by the chemicals in the massage oils used, according to a

[addtoany url="http://2018-03-03-healing-art-of-massage-can-be-compromised-by-toxic-chemicals-in-personal-care-products.html" title="The healing art of massage can be compromised by toxic chemicals in personal care products"]

02/27/2018 / By Jhoanna Robinson

New Brunswick, New Jersey-based pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturer Johnson & Johnson is facing its first investor class action

[addtoany url="http://2018-02-27-johnson-johnson-facing-class-action-suit-asbestos-in-talc.html" title="Johnson & Johnson facing class action suit over the asbestos in its talc products"]

02/07/2018 / By Zoey Sky

Do you know what your makeup is made of? At least “60 [percent] of the products we use on our

[addtoany url="http://2018-02-07-why-cosmetics-ingredients-matter-skin-absorbed-into-your-bloodstream.html" title="Why cosmetics ingredients matter: Skin is your largest organ; what you put on it gets absorbed into your bloodstream"]