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02/14/2020 / By Tracey Watson

There was a time when walking around with deodorant-free – and even unwashed – armpits was quite normal. In fact,

[addtoany url="http://2020-02-14-young-consumers-in-america-shun-commercial-antiperspirants.html" title="Nearly 40 percent of young consumers in America SHUN commercial antiperspirants in favor of “natural” deodorants"]

02/05/2020 / By Isabelle Z.

Ensuring your home is safe for your kids can be a big task, and drawer locks and outlet covers are

[addtoany url="http://2020-02-05-exposure-to-toxic-products-sends-children-to-er.html" title="Exposure to toxic personal care products sends THOUSANDS of children to the emergency room all over America"]

12/17/2019 / By Ethan Huff

The question of the week, as it pertains to the revelation that some dietary supplement companies are selling products with

[addtoany url="http://2019-12-17-amazon-sells-coal-as-a-dietary-supplement-and-its-loaded-with-lead-and-aluminum.html" title=" still selling COAL as a dietary supplement, and it’s loaded with lead and aluminum… where is the FDA?"]

11/12/2019 / By Isabelle Z.

If you have an unhealthy lifestyle, it’s not that surprising to find yourself suffering from obesity and type 2 diabetes,

[addtoany url="http://2019-11-12-chemicals-linked-to-obesity-type-2-diabetes.html" title="Chemicals used in common consumer items linked to higher obesity and Type 2 diabetes risk: Study"]

09/20/2019 / By Kristine Payne

Sweating is a perfectly natural process that your body needs to do on a regular basis in order to stay healthy.

[addtoany url="http://2019-09-20-are-you-poisoning-yourself-with-conventional-deodorants.html" title="Are you poisoning yourself with conventional deodorants?"]

09/05/2019 / By Ethan Huff

As part of his ongoing investigatory work into product safety through his Consumer Wellness Center (CWC) Labs initiative, Mike Adams,

[addtoany url="http://2019-09-05-walmart-tests-everything-it-sells-while-amazon-tests-nothing.html" title="Heavy metals: Walmart tests EVERYTHING it sells, while Amazon tests almost NOTHING"]

07/15/2019 / By Paul Waters

People are exposed to triclosan almost every day: It’s found in hand sanitizers, mouthwash, toothpaste, and other cosmetic products. While it’s

[addtoany url="http://2019-07-15-triclosan-antibacterial-makes-germs-stronger.html" title="How triclosan, touted as an antibacterial, actually makes germs stronger and more dangerous"]

07/12/2019 / By Ethan Huff

In a landmark decision, a New York state jury has decided that Johnson & Johnson (J&J) must compensate a woman

[addtoany url="http://2019-07-12-johnson-and-johnson-to-pay-300-million-talc-cancer-case.html" title="Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $300 million in talc cancer case"]

07/01/2019 / By Isabelle Z.

If you do everything in your power to avoid going to the dentist, welcome to the club. Trips to the

[addtoany url="http://2019-07-01-diy-teeth-whitening-found-to-weaken-tooth-enamel.html" title="Whitening and damaging: DIY teeth whitening found to weaken tooth enamel, make teeth more sensitive"]

06/20/2019 / By Vicki Batts

Brushing and flossing are critical for dental health, but are your kids using too much toothpaste? The CDC just silently

[addtoany url="http://2019-06-20-child-health-warning-fluoride-toothpaste.html" title="Child health warning: Young children are using dangerous amounts of fluoride toothpaste"]